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Dec 23, 2016
A Merry Little Ding Dong

Our guest tonight is regular Fox News "Red Eye" commentator and author of "Government Gone Wild" Kristen Tate.  Tonight we chat about Trump's difficulty booking performers for his inauguration.  Jody's 5 year old son is skeptical about Santa Claus.  Capper is selling seat belt inserts so that damn chime stops going off.  Star Was Rogue One is good.  And much more!

Dec 9, 2016

Tonight we welcome Eric Violette, from the wildly popular commercials.  We talk about Black Santa's, and try to figure out why so many people are bent out of shape.  Did you see that video with the guy punching the kangaroo?  Well Jody didn't. But now Scott has made his own video... and it's wild.  We're also joined by Rick Munarriz, Motley Fool writer and Disney expert to talk about changes coming to Epcot.

Nov 30, 2016

We're finally back with a new episode!  Our guest tonight is Ron Maestri, the Foodie guy from TLC's Extreme Cheapskates.  We also talk Trump transition, Jody's chrismakkuh tree, the season's most dangerous kids toys, Jody's son clocking him in the face, and our Friend Capper is now running an underground santa trafficking ring, and we get to hear all about it.

Nov 2, 2016

Tonights guest:  Joel Jenson (The guy that makes tiny burritos for hamsters).  We also try to get an interview with the "Ted Cruz Woman," but we fail spectacularly.  Fun show tonight where topics include the near end of the worst presidential election in history, halloween, manly foot rubs, and much more!

Oct 21, 2016

Our guests Tonight:  Rhonda Shear, Host of USA Network's Up All Night and outspoken Donald Trump Supporter.  Caitlyn Whitlock whose tweet set off a pickup line firestorm.  And Animatt, who's ANGRY about the movie "Emoji."   The election is finally almost over, the third debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is through, and the light is at the ned of the tunnel! We check in with Billy Bush, who was performing live karaoke and Jody and Scott realize they are definitely NOT millennials.  

Oct 14, 2016

What a show tonight.  First we talk about Garth Brooks, and how he sucks.  Then it's on to the latest Donald Trump news, including the ridiculous #repealthe19th hashtag.  Crowns have gone from fun, to creepy... and we have one of the recent creepy clowns on for an interview.   Alex Trebec hates nerd core hiphop!  Trebec really pissed of some dorks with his flippant "losers" comment - and we check out some Nerdcore hiphop.  Jody calls out all Redbox users as white trash?  Our VR expert Criminal Ben calls in to discuss the latest in VR, and his recent experience passing out and busting his head pen on the bathroom floor.  Scott rattles off some shower stats, and we do the Flakka user of the week!  We wrap things up with the latest Corey Feldman atrocity.

Oct 5, 2016

We're joined by Rebecca Black of "Friday" fame, and we check out her brand new tune!  Scott gets his wiki tricked by Julian Assange, and we listen to Alex Jones cry.  How does jody handle public bathrooms?  Prep for HURRICANE MATTHEW has begun in full swing for Florida residents, and we're freaking out!  We talk about the Penn State creepy clown riots.  Scott's now in to Piggyboom.  All that and way more than I can wrote about right now, because I have to go buy water for this hurricane.  

Sep 28, 2016

Tonight on the show our guest is DOC ICE from Whodini and the Corey Feldman "Go4It" performance.  First things first - we talk about the US Presidential Debate, which left everyone feeling dirty and hungover.  Then we talk to Ping from News6 in Orlando.... and Jody makes an assumption that embarrasses the show, and angers Ping.  We do our first Bath Salter of the Week.  Check out annoying catchy songs, talk about Creepy Clowns, figure out what the best Breakfast cereal is, and get ready for Rebecca Black NEXT WEEK!

Sep 21, 2016

Tonight we speak to Jake Williams, who specializes in exploring and explaining the history of abandoned videos across North America.  We also get in to Corey Feldman's recent musical performance on the Today Show.  We peek in to our basket of delporables and find...  the Macho Man Randy Savage?  What's going on with women selling each other crap on Facebook?  Also Scott mistakes "spice" for "pumpkin spice" and gets in to some serious trouble.

Sep 16, 2016

We're back!  After a nice long vacation, we're resuming our normal weekly schedule.  Tonight we talk baskets of deplorables, Donald Trump (of course), ITT Tech closing, and much more.  Plus we're joined by our guest...  Andrew from Heat Video in Orlando Florida.  Andrew has been working in the adult video store game for over a decade and is now a "Dildo Expert" - manufacturing the most popular dildo in the world.  We're also joined by "Value Man" who walks us through the best way to use that new Olive Garden Pasta Pass.  



Aug 31, 2016

The Jody and Scott Show is on vacation for the next two weeks - so this week we're serving up some of the best stuff from the past few months.  Next week we'll put up some clips from back in the O-ROCK days.


In this best of episode we revisit our encounter NOT with Jake from State Farm.... but that other guy.  We examine Nick Jonas' terrible Iheartmedia awards guitar solo.  The guy that sells voting stickers to people that didn't vote come on.  And we go way back to Hulk Hogan's first call to the show, and his review of the Million Dollar man sex tape.

Aug 24, 2016

Tonight we welcome internet sensation Nicole Arbour to the show to talk about her wildly successful year.  We say goodbye to the blog Gawker, and maybe launch Mocker instead?  Is Pokemon soon to be PokeGONE?  We talk Ryan Locate and the olympics, Donald Trump's big fat play dough drop on Louisiana, and we welcome a man bun expert (from Australia) to talk man buns.  We also check out the cute animal sound of the week, and run down Scott's list of "most relaxing sounds."  


Baby Sloth Sound




Olympics ratings WAY down - NBC Blames Millennials



Pokemon is PokeGONE?




Aug 17, 2016

Tonights guests include Richard Hatch from "Survivor," "Celebrity Apprentice," and much more.  As well as Roger Moore from "Rogers Movie Nation."

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Fun show as we kick off with the breaking news that Adele has turned down playing the Super Bowl - and we check out some good alternative choices.  Then we investigate the growing trend of joint bachelor/bachelorette parties.  Then we're joined by movie critic Roger Moore to talk about some of the summer's big disappointments, and what's going on with Rotten Tomatoes reviews.  Scott goes over the financial windfalls that come with winning at the Olympics.  Then we're joined by Richard Hatch from Survivor to talk Donald Trump.  

Aug 10, 2016

Find us at!  Tonight Jody and Scott talk about how great (or how terrible) the Olympics are so far.  Scott loves talking about dudes' junk, and apparently Orlando Bloom was caught with his junk hanging out while surfing with Katy Perry.  Jody covers the top diseases to catch in Rio.  It looks like Tim Tebow is trying to get in to Pro baseball - and we check out live audio from the training facility.  Then Scott brings on a guest to to bring "Back to School" tips, and its just as interesting as it sounds.  How bad are wine hangovers?  Bad.  Dopey fell off a float at Disney and we have the actual Dopey on the show.  Then we talk face tattoos, Logan's Steakhouse closing down a bunch of stores, and Donald Trump's most recent unhinged comments about second amendment supporters stopping Hillary Clinton.  Hulk Hogan swings through to talk about Dennis Rodman's experiences. Wild time tonight, as usual.  Check it out.

Aug 3, 2016

As usual, it was a wild Tuesday evening on the show.  The ZIKA PANIC has taken over Jody's life.  His wife is pregnant and in South Florida and everyone is freaking out!  Then Scott gets in to the cargo short thing.  Jody is a die-hard cargo shorts wearer, and the war against cargo shorts is continuing in the media.  Then Jody came up with the idea for CARGO JEANS.  Scott has news that women are starting to lean towards one piece bathing suits instead of the classic bikini.  Scott found the owner of a local Halloween store that just opened for business, and we get the inside scoop on whats going on with these places.  Mike let his son watch the original Ghostbusters - instead of letting him watch the terrible new one.  There's new emoji, but Jody doesn't care because he doesn't use them.   Then we're joined by Tila Tequila - where we go over her crazy twitter history, whether she's just trolling everyone, her support for Donald Trump, and much more.  And of course, Capper has a new business idea - and it's not Tiddlywinks.  

Jul 27, 2016


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Fun show tonight!  Thanks to Tom and Dan from "A Mediocre Time" ( for having us on their show last week!  First we get in to what's going on at the Democrat National Convention.  Bernie Sanders decided to come out to a new song to confirm that he's truly jewish.   Then we listened to Sara Silverman's speech from the DNC and it was shocking.  Scott went to see "Lights Out" and had a few loud outbursts at the movie.  Other patrons told him to shut his mouth - so we check in with our resident movie theatre manager "Shiekan Rican" to learn about some movie theatre etiquette.  Jody had a run in with his least favorite type of person:  The Complicated Lotto Transaction Guy.  We mourn the loss of the VHS tape player - which will cease production this month.  We examine a new trend in adult movies:  mud struggle. Scott grabs the headline about "Facebook Flights" - and of course gets all the details wrong.  We learn that a warm bath can be almost as good as real exercise.  Wow it's hot, and Scott busts out some very mediocre Air Conditioning tips.  


Show Links:

A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan:

Sara Silverman's Speech:

Last VHS Player:

Miss Cleo Dead:

Hot Bath as Good as Exercise?:

Zuckerberg Airlines:

Timberlake Slapped:



Jul 22, 2016

Twitter: @jodynscott


The Republican National Convention is going on, and we dig in to some of what's going on in Cleveland.  We analyze Donald Trumps first WWE-style walkdown, and check out the Trump campaigns issues finding music for their campaign.  Since Queen has asked the campaign to stop using "We Are the Champions," it sounds like the Trump campaign has now commissioned its own music.  Scott Baio had the moment of the convention with "Lets make America America again."  Then we're joined by an actual Trump supporter who likes Trump because of his similarities to pro wrestlers.  We check out the top favorite republican snack foods.  Our buddy Capper is now selling foam fingers at the RNC.  Tiffany Trump just released a new pop song, so of course we have to check it out. What's going on with Jeff Foxworthy and Golden Corral?  Scott is thinking about getting a brazillian wax.  Jody looks to Scott for advice on choosing an asian massage place.  Is Gary Johnson a legit third option for president?  We check out some audio.  Jody checks out the cute sounds a Koala makes.  In Denver, theres THC in the water - and we celebrate!  That, and much much more on the show.


Show Links:

Trump RNC Entrance:

Scott Baio @ the RNC:

Tiffany Trump Song:

Colorado Town find THC in Water:

Gary Johnson Calls Out Trump:


Jul 13, 2016

First of all, the show has been named "#1 Podcast in the World" so we are super excited about that!  Wild show tonight - and it starts with two people that know very little about Pokemon talking about Pokemon.  We check in with a "Pokemon expert" that seems to have an axe to grind.  Then we talk to "Tuff" who's viral video (check out the links below) is currently blowing up.  Really we end up up talking to Tuff about everything but Pokemon.  Then we talk about how terrible the new Ghostbusters movie is - and are reviewers being paid for good reviews of the movie?  Then we whip and nae nae with the one and only Silento - the artist behind the song and dance craze "Watch Me."  Jody shows everyone what sound a porcupine makes.  That and a whole lot more.  Check it out!

Jul 6, 2016

As it becomes more and more clear that marketers these days have un out of ideas and have resorted to doing nothing but resurrecting ideas from the 90’s, we witness Pepsi resurrecting a previously horrible idea:  Crystal Pepsi.  It tasted horrible, and now it’s coming back.  On the Fourth of July, Nathan’s Hotdogs held it’s 100th annual hotdog eating competition - so we were joined by 15-year competitive eater “Crazy Legs Conti.”  Crazy legs shared his story and we get an insider look in to the life of a competitive eater.  Value Man drops by to review thew new Burger King Mac N Cheetos.  We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but he loved it.  A large VR adult-content conference was cancelled when too many people showed up - looks like VR is gonna be a big deal.  Scott’s Dad quizzes Jody on his Game of Thrones knowledge, Uncle Jimmy talks about the countries worst drivers (With Boston and Miami topping the list) and of course - much more.


Jun 29, 2016

The show that was supposed to be a joyous celebration of the arrival of summer was quickly overcome by the "Black Storm."  Scott was still feeling the effects of a questionable adult-store "enhancement" pill, and the effects were felt all throughout the show.  We were joined by an old friend, Carter, who attempted to let us know how to put together the perfect summer cookout.  We were then joined by Adam from "Camp No Counselors" who told us all about their adults-only summer camps.  You might have seen Adam on "Shark Tank."  Turns out adult summer camps and Colorado weed camps are definitely things that exist.  What a time to be a alive.  Capper is now trying to sell adult novelties along with fireworks at roadside stands.  All that and more - get weird with us.

Jun 22, 2016

It was a hugely positive show tonight and everyone's feeling pretty good about that.  Things kicked off with Scott making things awkward.  Then we decided to jump in on the #cheeriochallenge.  Dads all over the world are stacking cheerios on their children - but neither Jody or Scott have Cheerios.  So Jody Stacked "Tasty Toast" cereal on his 4 year old son and Scott stacked ramen noodle packets on his 23 year old large-chested roommate.  We discuss The Cleveland Cavaliers winning the the NBA championship and Lebron James crying.  Also what's up with Doris the NBA reporter?  Scott is upset that Johnny Depp is no longer hot.  Then we speak to Travis Flores who recently was the recipient of a double lung transplant.  Travis also took some time to chat with some of his fans live on the show.  Then we get in to the New York professor, Ari Nagel, who has fathered 22 children via sperm donation.  Scott seems to think impregnating an old friend to have a "no strings attached" kid is a good idea.  Jody is offended that his desire to wear flip flops at all times isn't "cool." We check out the brand news "Back To the Future" (its a porno).  Scott comes out of the closet...  he loves fruity drinks!  Criminal Ben calls in to try to sell his love seat.  Scotts twisted reveal is extra weird.  It's all on tonights Jody and Scott Show.


Show Links:

Lebron Crying

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Professor who donates sperm in city bathrooms has sired 22 kids

Open Toed Sandals Gross?

Cheerio Challenge

MJ stockpiled gruesome porno and photos of animal torture


Jun 15, 2016

So where do we start?  Tough week for Orlando - and we're sort of an Orlando show.  We figured the best we can do is just continue taking a serious, hard look at the important issues of the week.  So that's what we're going to do.  We start with Scott's current crush (she works at Arbys).  Scott also has crushes on girls from Publix, 7-11, and Petco.  But this Arby's one is serious.  We're joined by internet superstar and youtube sensation Animat!  Animat is a huge Disney fan and does tons of reviews and lists at his youtube channel ( Scott gets excited about the new Pip Boy smartwatch - but didn't realize it was just mostly a prop from the Fallout game.  Snapchat now has ads - and Jody can't even figure out how to get people to send him nudes.  Wet n Wild had a fire break out and Scott was live on the scene.  Capper called in to sell us on his new business venture (it's selling motel paintings).  Sad news about the guy that wore the "Alf" costume (he's dead).  And Curb your enthusiasm is coming back (we talk about it).  All that.. and probably a lot more.

Jun 8, 2016

On this Jody and Scott Show - Tropical Storm Colin blew through and the only one’s affected were the meteorologists.  Donald Trump proved to the black community that he has a “black friend” by pointing out the only black guy at his rally and referring to him as “my african-american.”  Incest porn has become the hottest thing in the porn industry - we listen to some of the dialogue of disgusting brother on sister seduction.   We are joined by Devin Cunningham who is on his way to completing his “Chipotle once a day” diet.  We talk about it.  Axl Rose got fat for awhile, and the internet made fun of him.  Now Axl is trying to get those fat pictures off the internet, and the internet is making fun of him again.  The Chewbacca Mom has made close to $500k off her newfound fame - we introduce a new lady that should be able to make twice that with her pig impressions.  All that - and much more. 

Jun 1, 2016

Back after a short week with lots to talk about.  We are joined by the author of The Emoji Bible!  We talk about what inspired him to create it, what the reaction has been, and what his favorite emoji's are.  Ben Carson thinks the United States is like a cruise ship headed for disaster - we disagree.  Scott received his first dick pic, so we invited a female DP expert to weigh in.  Our buddy Capper is trying to raise some money by selling his Beanie Babies, and Scott's twisted reveal is REALLY twisted.

May 25, 2016

We're away from the studio this week - so check out this collection of short clips from the past 17 episodes.




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